Winter Skincare for the Shower

It’s getting to be that time of year for dry skin, so I wanted to share a couple items I have been loving lately. I am perpetually parched and feel like I need a little extra moisture than the average gal (or gent). Also, being that skin is our largest organ, it’s important to take care of it. I mean, you are going to have it forever and that is a long time!

Finding beauty that are both cruelty-free and no funky chemicals is a must for me, so here are two items that fit the bill:

  1. Shea Moisture In-Shower Body Conditioner, Ulta, $10.99-(my favorite brand lately) You can find Shea Moisture all over, from Wal-Mart to Ulta, so convenient! I had been searching for an in shower body moisturizer for quite sometime, so I was ecstatic to find this. It has awesome ingredients like coconut oil, coconut milk, and shea butter. So very moisturizing and great addition to my routine!
  2. Hand to Hand Sugar Scrub, Ulta, $14.99-This stuff is just divine! Scrubs you and moisturizes at the same time. It also doesn’t leave the shower floor slick like some things I’ve used in the past. Has good things like extra fine sugar, coconut oil, and shea butter. I also love that it comes in a tube versus a lidded container. This makes it sooooo much easier to use! They have several flavors like the orange shown, lavender and a minty one.

I’m currently on the search for a good, cruelty-free lip scrub, so if you have one that you love, please comment!! 🙂

Happy Moisturizing! 😊


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