Comforts of Home

While I’ve always been a homebody, this year especially has me thinking about home and making it the best place to be. The stay at home orders, being furloughed for a few months, all have caused me to rethink my priorities and what is really important.

Make Home Cozy: Home should be comfortable and a place you love to be! As we are approaching fall, all of us will be inside more, so refreshing the home is a good investment. So, make the bed with some new sheets, snazzy up the couch with some new pillows!

Prepping for Emergencies: More than ever, it’s important to be prepared for emergencies or events like a pandemic. You just really never know what can or might happen. Now, you can’t plan for everything, but having a few things in place can make these events less stressful.

  1. Make sure to have a sufficient supply of things you would normally buy. Things like non-perishable food, medicine, household items, pet supplies. With this recent pandemic, I don’t have to tell anybody how annoying it was to not find essentials like toilet paper, flour, or even meat at one point.
  2. If you grill, make sure you have the appropriate supplies like gas or charcoal. Same goes for generators. Now is a good time to check your gasoline supply or make sure it’s in good working order. For us here in NC, hurricane season generally winds up around this time, so it’s good to be prepared.
  3. Save Money! I cannot stress this one enough. It’s important to have an emergency fund, if you are able. With this pandemic, most of us at some point have lost income, so having funds set aside for everyday expenses/bills is essential.

Self Care: Especially now, this could not be more important! Take time to do things you enjoy to relax and unwind, not just taking care of others. Our physical and mental health are equally important. I’m going to be penciling in more yoga, reading, and journaling. Letting go of the things I can’t control, but being mindful of the things I can.

This year has been a learning process for me, a bit of an ignition switch to pursue things in life I enjoy. Not letting my life revolve around my job, learning to do without things that I thought were necessary, making happiness a priority.

I hope this post was useful for you! Please stay safe and well!


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