Christmas Memories-Granny’s Box

I absolutely love Christmas! Baking cookies, watching Christmas Vacation (or the Year Without A Santa Claus) for the umpteenth time, or listening to carols, it’s one of my favorite times of the year. Any excuse for showing love and kindness in this frightful world, is good in my book.

My Granny also loved Christmas and would always make the most delectable goodies! I ran across her recipe for fudge in “the box” and knew it was the one she always made. The directions and ingredients are slightly vague, like “large can of milk” or “two bags of chocolate chips”. And I may have had a slight palpitation at the 5 cups of sugar, whaaattt?? Just wow…lol!

Because I didn’t have the sugar to spare, nor was I sure about what size bag of chocolate chips, I did the next best thing and searched Pinterest. It has EVERYTHING! I found a similar recipe, just downsized from Just A Pinch Recipes. I was surprised that there was no butter, so this is healthy fudge, right? I did end up subbing half-n-half for evaporated milk, after some intense Googling on the subject and it seemed to work out fine.

One day, when I have an entire bag of sugar to spare and I’ve had a chance to quiz my Mama about the chocolate chips, I’ll try Granny’s recipe. Until then, thank you to Just A Pinch helping me remember my Granny with this easy fudge recipe and contributing to my sugar fix….

Here’s to the memories! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ❤️


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