Cleaning DIY:Cruelty-Free

After going cruelty-free with my beauty products last year, I realized that should be doing the same with my cleaning products. As a result, I’ve also wanted to find less harmful, more natural based cleaners as well. Gradually, I’ve finished up something loaded with chemicals and replaced it with something natural, non-animal tested. I thought it would be difficult to find friendly household cleaners, but that ended up being not the case. To my surprise, lots options were available either online or at the grocery store. Here are 4 cleaner ways to clean!

  • Laundry Detergent– I’ve been using Tide/All for quite sometime, so I wanted to find something that cleaned just as well. Grab Green is a brand available at grocery stores like Fresh Market and Wal-mart, plus online retailers like Amazon. I’ve been using their detergent Stoneworks for awhile now and it’s comparable to the above mentioned name brands. Works very well on everything from sweaty workout clothes to hairy dog bedding and is similarly priced.
  • Fabric Softener– For this, I use wool dryer balls, which are available pretty much everywhere. I found these Annie Oakley ones at our favorite local pet store for around $20. For a light scent, just add a couple drops of essential oils. I usually a add lemon/lavender combo, but use whatever smells good to you. Seventh Generation dryer sheets are also another good option and are plant based, biodegradable.
  • Dishwasher– So, I had been using either Cascade Complete or Platinum, which work really well, but not planet-animal friendly. This has been a harder switch, but I have found a couple of good brands. I go back and forth between Method and Grab Green. Both work well and similar in price as the above mentioned name brand. Side note, these smell reallllyyy good!
  • DIY Dusting Spray, Bathroom Cleaner, Room Spray– With anything DIY, Pinterest is the best place to find all-natural “recipes” for cleaners. Simple ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap are all you need. Add essential oils for scent, a pretty spray bottle and you are good to go. I found these amber glass bottles on Amazon from Sally’s Organics. I got two for around $12 and they work really well. Nothing worse than a bad spray bottle! When I don’t make my own cleaners, I buy Mrs. Meyers, which is a great alternative. This brand has everything you would need to clean safely.

I hope this post was helpful and that you will give some of these a try!

Happy Cleaning!!


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