MyFitnessPal Journey Update and Weight Loss Tips

MyFitnessPal journey is no doubt one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Weight has been a struggle for me my entire life, but I’m the closest ever to having control over it. Using this app has truly changed my way of thinking and is helping me achieve my weight loss goals.

It’s been approximately a year since I started using the app and I am one pant size down (finally!!), 32lbs lighter for it. Again, I’ve simply been counting calories, making smarter food choices, but no serious exercise. I wanted to get to the heart of my weight issue, which is FOOD.

While this has not been an easy, I’m still grateful for my progress. There have been many times I’ve struggled with the scale and wanted to give up. However, I persisted (I’m fairly determined when I’ve set my mind to complete something). There were (and still are) weeks I would play with the same 1-2 pounds, so frustrating! Whenever I would start to feel hopeless, I would try to remind myself how far I’d come and how I didn’t want to regress.

So, whether you are feeling frustrated or just getting started, here are some tips:

  • Focus on how your clothes fit, not the scale. Clothing is one of the best ways to notice weight loss. I can always tell I’ve lost when my shirt or pants fit looser. Being able to ask my Stitch Fix lady for smaller pants this month, was an awesome feeling.
  • Have a cheat meal or splurge. I typically do this once a week, either with a restaurant meal or I cook a heartier weekend breakfast. It all comes down to planning ahead, which for me is eating well during the week. This way, I don’t feel bad about treating myself. ONE meal is not going to make you gain weight, but continually choosing to eat unhealthy food or overeating will.
  • Use a tracking app, whether it’s MyFitnessPal or something similar. Tracking will give you an idea of what/how much you should eat in a day. MyFitnessPal is based on weight/height and how much weight you would like to lose. I also know many people who have had great success with WeightWatchers. It’s important to find something that works for YOU.
  • Portion Control is essential. Before, I had no idea how much I was overeating. Now, I use either a scale or measuring cup to portion out my food.
  • Plan ahead. While I don’t always have time to meal prep, I do try to have an idea of what to make for lunch or supper. It makes the week go so much smoother.
  • Keep your favorite low-cal or healthier treats on hand. This way, when those cravings hit, you’ll be prepared. I always have an assortment of pudding, hot cocoa, and freezer treats. Because I love to bake, I always leave some of whatever I make out and freeze the rest. This keeps me from being tempted and then when I do have the extra calories to spend, bingo, I’ve got something homemade.

I hope this post has been helpful and that if you are on a weight loss journey, please know you are not alone. We all lose weight at different speeds, so learn what is best for you. Don’t compare yourself to someone else, they aren’t you.

Happy weight loss vibes!


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