3 Blog and Photo Apps To Try, Plus Two For Fun

Whenever I am working on a new blog post or my Etsy Shop, typically I’ve used an app for my photos. They are essential for so many elements from sizing to adding whimsy.

SparkPost for my Etsy banner

The first one is Adobe SparkPost and it is probably my favorite! I already have an Adobe Photoshop account for Photoshop Fix (which is also awesome! I talked about it in one of my first blog posts), so my sign in was the same, so convenient! This app has so many great features like preset social media sizes, templates for whatever you need (business, lifestyle, seasonal), the ability to add photos from your other Adobe accounts, and so much more!

Instagram Layout

The second is Instagram Layout. It is perfect for creating collages on the go and sharing directly to social media. It will also allow you to take photos or videos through the app itself. Kind of a one stop shop. My only complaint is that sometimes it cuts out and you have to reopen it, but normally it works okay. Perfect for promoting your business or blog and also fun.


The third is PicsArt and it’s fun to play with. You can do so many things from fixing a zit to highlighting your hair a different color. Add stickers (some are free, some you need the membership for), text, filters, frames, and so much more. My only complaint would be the ads, but it’s the price you pay for free….The Gold membership is around $50 dollars a year, so that works out to $4 a month. I feel the free, non-subscription apps are the better deal. I don’t mind using more than one.

Two Apps for Fun

If you subscribe to Stitch Fix, you must get the app! It allows you to receive notifications when your Fix has been picked, shipped, and delivered. My favorite feature is the “would you wear this?” game. Play by giving pictured items the thumbs up or down and it will keep track of your likes/dislikes. The app also keeps inventory of all your past Fixes, in case you can’t remember which items were sent together.

If you enjoy online-small shopping, the Etsy app is the way to go! I find it is easier to navigate than the website, as it keeps everything you need all together. Easily access your favorited items, look at past purchases, and find new shops to love. The app will send alerts when your item(s) have shipped and been delivered. You can also rate and review purchases through the app as well, plus, easily add a photo of something you loved in use. I love to shop small for my small business, so the app easily lets me see how much I’ve spent. So, if you have never tried Etsy, you should! It’s a pretty awesome place. I’ve found so many good things!

I hope you have enjoyed this latest post and see some new apps to try!

Enjoy 🙂


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