Goals for the New Year

As a kind of follow up to my Positive Vibes post, I’ve decided to set a few goals for the new year. I usually make some sort of new year’s resolution(s), but don’t always follow through, which is typical. I want this year to be different, more positive and meaningful. Living and enjoying life to its full potential! Here are a few goals I would like to achieve:

Read More: I LOVE to read, but don’t always make or have the time. In this world of tech, I feel the joy of reading a “for-real” physical book has become a thing of the past. I’ve started re-reading the Harry Potter series (one of my favorites!) and Raylan (a book from Elmore Leonard which the tv show Justified was based on).

Unplug More: Yes, this one is a toughie…I would like to rely less on my phone/IPad. With having a blog and Etsy shop, this might be difficult, but I think I can, I think I can! I want to fully embrace other activities I love like baking, knitting, sewing, etc. Simply, watching a favorite tv show or movie without checking my Insta at the same time will be a challenge for me.

Save More/Spend Less: Saving money is such a simple thing, but I feel everyone has some degree of difficulty doing it. The ease of shopping online or going into a favorite store is a trap for me. I don’t spend beyond my means, but I’ll definitely buy something unnecessary. Lately, I’ve been trying to only buy what I need or only things that really spark joy, to coin the popular phrase. I want my purchases to have meaning and to not end up collecting dust. Also, the future is full of possibilities, both good and bad, so the more prepared I am, the better! It’s always good to have money set aside for both.

Seriously Garden: I love to have a small garden every year, but inevitably, the deer always eat my precious tomatoes and peppers down to the ground. I am looking into natural, non-harmful ways to keep them at bay. If you know of any, please tell me!!!! Also, I hope to grow a different variety of things to rely less on the grocery store. I feel it is so important to know where your food comes from. The less chemically my food can get the better!

Do More Yoga/Exercise: I’ve been using MyFitnessPal for almost a year now to track my calories. I have not been exercising regularly (I have used that to eat more in the past), so the weight loss has been slow. As of the end of February, I am down 25 pounds just tracking what I eat. Exercise is good for a number of things besides weight loss, so I would like to incorporate it. I’ve been working in retail practically half my life and have back pain as a result. Exercise truly helps relieve the pain, especially hot yoga. I am also a huge Zumba fan, so I hope to try a new place soon.

So, here’s to the new year and all the good goals I know it holds! I feel pretty confident on achieving them, you know at least for now, until the deer eat my tomatoes…Lol! But really, I need some deer repellent!


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