Saving Recipes

I can remember my Granny and Mama both having lots of cookbooks growing up, but they also had a book with their own recipes. Kind of like Pinterest before Pinterest! Lol 😂 If I can recall correctly, they both had the same blank book. The cover was red and black checks with lined pages, both worse for wear. They were filled with recipes made up and collected. Only the best ones were check marked and labeled “good”, you know for future reference.

After receiving a pretty blank book from my Mama and Daddy at Christmas last year, I decided to make it my recipe book. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest and digital ways to save, but there is something about having a physical book. Flipping through the pages and writing notes for next time.

I have what I most recently discovered, (thank you Pinterest) is called a junk journal. You’ve seen me mention it in my Kitchen Hints post. I use this blank book to write my ideas, recipes, etc. I’ll admit, it started as a bullet journal, but sadly, I just couldn’t keep it up….Lol! It’s such a mess that I decided to use my new book to hold all of my recipes.

Lucky for me, the bullet journal/planner/calendar craze is extremely popular and I’ve found several things to organize my book. I happened upon some really neat stickers and other journal goodies at my local Hobby Lobby one day. Some on clearance, but you know they always have a coupon! So, very affordably I will be able create my little book!

While I’ve cooked meals “from memory”, writing the ingredients and amounts I use down ensures consistency. For instance, before writing my recipe for chicken and dumplings down, they would be hit or miss. I’d always put too much or too little of something. Now, they come out pretty perfect every time!

I hope this post has inspired you to start your own book of recipes. Enjoy and happy recipe-ing!


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