Positive Vibes

So, lately I’ve been feeling a most welcome surge of positivity. While, I am normally an upbeat person, I’ll take the extra good-vibes! Can I attribute this to any one thing in particular? Not really, but probably a combination of things. I think we all have the what is the meaning of life feeling from time to time or what is my purpose here on Earth moment. Well, mine has been building from I would say since last summer and it felt like something just washed over me. A slight switch in the way I think about things, in a good way.

Sometimes everyday happenings or simply watching the news has a great affect on the way we think and feel. From this, I know life can change in an instant and nothing here on Earth is concrete. This likely combination of these things that has made me feel especially grateful lately. I will say the recent suicides of some well-known celebrities like Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, and Robin Willams affected me in some way. People with seemingly perfect lives (or so we think) take them. A sad reminder that you never know what battles people are fighting. Our time on Earth is relatively short, so one might as well make the most of it. Finding purpose and joy alike.

I’ve also noticed people choosing words for the year, sort of a mantra I guess and goal to work towards. I am a fan of Joanna Gaines, who has spoken of intentional living and being made ready in her magazines. Encouraging readers to take the time to make EVERY day special, not just certain occasions. That we have what it takes to make it through whatever life may bring. Making an effort to enjoy the small things and big things alike is my goal. So I guess my “word” is more of a phrase: to be present, to live intentionally ๐Ÿ˜Š So, thanks Joanna! I believe you may have been the spark!

I have also been taking the time to journal. It’s something I’ve always thought about doing, just never got around to it. There is something about writing out your thoughts and concerns that is very relieving. A great way to destress! Journals don’t have to be fancy, but they do make them now with prompts, as calendar combos, devotionals, etc. I chose just a simple composition book, but I did want something pretty like this one, from Poppin. They have the most adorable office products! You can find this brand at Staples and online.

I have also been enjoying this devotional, 100 Days to Brave.

It was highly reviewed on Amazon and seemed like a better alternative to some of the more popular ones I’ve seen lately. The author is down to earth and very encouraging. She insists God can give us the confidence we need and ability to be brave. Do I think I’ll be more confident or courageous after finishing this? Maybe….but if I’m not, this book has given me something to think about for sure!

Investing in your own mental health is so important. When you are positive and kind, it may not spread to everyone, but rest assured you have most certainly helped someone. While all of us have struggles, the end result is in how we handle them. I hope this post has been a help to you and that you’ll allow those positive thoughts to circulate. Be present in life, for the big and small things. Find something special in everyday and make time the time to enjoy life. I’m certainly going to try my best!

Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ˜Š


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