Favorite Sewing Tools

While I still consider myself a begintermediate (not quite beginner, but not quite intermediate sewist), there are a few tools that have made sewing easier for me along the way. Some are conventional, some are not, but all of them are helpful to me!

Crochet Hook-This might sound weird, but crochet hooks are excellent for pushing out corners. I have one of those Purple Things, but it can be a little too sharp. Crochet hooks have a rounded tip that won’t poke through your fabric.

Chalk-I love to use chalk (the plain kind for chalkboards, nothing fancy) to mark my patterns. It’s easy to see, gives me a bit of seam allowance, and usually comes off easily with water. I like fabric markers because they are easy to see, but they dry out too quickly. I’ve tried all kinds and none of them seem to last very long. Chalk won’t let me or you down like that…Lol

Pinking Shears– I actually won mine on Instagram from Havel’s Sewing and they are my absolute FAVORITE! The pair I had was from Fiskars and they were just not easy to cut with. Havel’s pinking shears were a game changer! Very smooth and gave a close cut.

Pellon EZ Steam II-I did a little appliqué over the fall and this was great for my projects. Easy to use and well priced, at $4.99 for 5 sheets. I also found a great tutorial from the Crafty Gemini on YouTube on how to use it. She explains it so well for us visual learners!

Washi Tape-I love using this to mark my sewing machine for seam allowance. Plus, it holds down my bobbin cover, as time has made it a little loose and it doesn’t fit as tightly. If anyone has a suggestion for a more permanent fix, please tell me! Comes off without leaving a sticky mark too.

I hope some of my favorite tools become a few of yours as well!


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