3 Wines Under $15

These days a good wine does not need to be expensive. I’m sure a time existed where price equaled quality, but today, it’s simply not true. Lots of great wines are available for under $15. Normally, I am a red wine gal, but in the summer I love a good white/rosé. Here are three I’ve enjoyed all summer, but please know that I drink what tastes good. I can’t give you all the fruit notes, oh here’s some vanilla blah blah. In the words of Justin Wilson (an old PBS cook), the kind of wine you drink is the kind of wine you like….

1. Alamos Torrontés, $10- This particular grape is exclusive to Argentina and I had not heard of it before. However, this wine did not disappoint. Very refreshing, great with grilled chicken and pasta dishes. Also, low on calories according to MyFitnessPal 😊This brand makes some great reds as well 🍷, but that is a different post!

2. Charles Smith Band of Roses Rosé, $12- I tasted this while on vacation this summer and immediately looked for it when we came home. Will go perfectly with a warm goat cheese salad, grilled chicken, or even that Thanksgiving turkey. It had a high rating as well, over 90 points. And I thought the label was pretty!

3. Riondo Sparkling Rosé, $14- If you enjoy a nice, dry Prosecco, you will love this! It’s a little pricier than I like to spend, but occasionally I’ll splurge. And according to MyFitnessPal, it’s slightly lower in calories than regular wine, so that’s a plus. Again, great with chicken dishes or pasta. Good for when you want pretend Champagne 🍾 , lol 😆

Happy “Wine-ing”


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