5 Easy Ways to Shop Small

Shopping small has gained lots of much needed attention in recent years. It even has it’s own holiday, Small Business Saturday, right after Black Friday in November. I LOVE that this has become such a big deal! When you shop small or local, you are supporting someone’s business (possibly a friend or neighbor), an actual person, not a big corporation. For every $100 dollars spent small, roughly $75 is returned to the local economy. That’s a lot of cha-ching! Plus, it’s really easy to do. There a lots of ways to shop small! Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Produce– Choose your favorite store and pay attention to the signs and labels. I was pleasantly surprised one day to see the blueberries on display were grown locally. Also, grocery stores will sometimes buy excess produce from local farms. Recently, I saw a display of squash and zucchini at a Harris Teeter from nearby farms. Pricing was similar or no different than the imports.
  • 2. Fitness– There are two popular “gyms” in my area, Hot Asana (my favorite place for hot yoga) and Forte Fitness (Zumba, TRX, Cardio, etc., which I haven’t tried, but want to). Both are local and available on the MindBodyApp which is really awesome! I love being able to reserve my spot right on my phone 🙂 No membership, no monthly dues! You can pay per class or buy a package and receive a reduced class rate.
  • 3. Make-up/Skincare– One of my favorite new beauty lines is LimeLife (formerly Limelight). While yes, it is a major company, the consultants are probably your next door neighbor. Shopping with them supports a small business. The website is user friendly and will also allow you to give credit for the purchase to a local representative. I have one, so I just choose her before checking out. Also, having a consultant allows you access to deals/specials not on the website. Their products are also cruelty-free and low on chemicals, which has become really important to me recently.
  • 4. Local Stores– Always take time to check out your downtown shops. We have soooo many great places in the near by town of Southern Pines! For clothing, Kataphora is my choice for something unique. They have some of the same brands from my Stitch Fix box and lots of others. Plus, they always have something on sale and the staff is friendly! For the knitter, Bellafilati is my go-to spot. They have wonderful yarns, needles, and classes. The staff has also been really helpful to me in the past with pattern/yarn choices. You just won’t find that at the big-box stores! For gifts, I love to visit the Mockingbird. They have candles, jewelry, toys, etc. They will also wrap and remove prices, which is hard to find these days!
  • 5. Online Shopping– Etsy is the place for everything from sewing supplies to gifts! Before opening my own shop, I had no idea Etsy had such a large variety of goods. I have several places now to buy fabric, zippers, hardware, etc. all from the comfort of my couch. All while supporting a small business! I’ll have to do a separate post sometime on sewing supplies! Unique and thoughtful gifts can also be found here. I’ve simply typed in what I was looking for and boom! Lots of awesome shops with everything from art to clothing. And just like the brick and mortar stores, Etsy has sales and coupons too. Ebay is another place I enjoy using for gifts and books. It’s also green because you are buying something in most cases, used. It’s my favorite place for the hard to find items! Always a good deal 🙂
  • Happy Small Shopping!!


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