Sewing by YouTube-Three Must Watch Channels

Sewing is a favorite obsession of mine, but I have had LOTS of help from YouTube to make it where I am today. When I first started teaching myself how to sew, I began looking for books on the subject or surfing Pinterest for beginner projects. Frustration soon set in, as it became clear to me that I am a very visual learner. Reading patterns or looking at pictures just wouldn’t do. I began looking for help on YouTube and soon realized I had struck self-help gold. Sooo many helpful videos, I had no idea! Here are the channels that have truly helped me see how to sew:

  1. MADE Everyday -I love Dana! She is awesome at giving instructions and sewing advice. So glad I stumbled upon her channel one day! You will find lots of projects for beginners with good visual directions. Her sewing space is as bright as her videos. No dimly lit room or unsteady camera here! Whether you are looking for projects or to perfect a technique, MADE is your channel 🙂
  2. So Sew Easy– Debbie is my go-to technique person! One of the first videos I ever watched was for how to install a zipper. Finally, I felt like I knew what I was doing. She also has an awesome tutorial on how to thread a serger. I don’t think I would still be using it without her! She just so happened to have the exact same one as me, what a lifesaver 🙂
  3. Melanie K Ham-Melanie has great tutorials for beginners, as well as simple gift ideas. I’ve made several of her minky/flannel baby blankets as gifts and for both my dogs…they are a little spoiled! She also has a quilting series that I am eventually going to watch all the way. It’s something I’ve wanted to do, but just haven’t had the time. Melanie also crochets, so she has lots of tutorials on that as well. I can crochet too, but I find knitting is a bit easier. I’ll have a blog post at some point on helpful videos for that too.
  • Happy sewing!
  • Susan

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