Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Growing up, we only had 4-5 television channels that came through well. One of those channels being PBS. I LOVED so much of their programming! Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, Wishbone, I could really go on and on. Mister Rogers however, was probably one of my very favorites.

I loved his consistent message of kindness and how important it was to treat all people with respect. This show also touched on current issues, which was something rare for a children’s show at the time.

Recently, I went to see the documentary at our local, non-profit theatre, The Sunrise. The very nice attendant offered kleenex packets, which by the way, I should have taken one. Almost as soon as the music started, I was instantly a child again. Switching my shoes and sweater, just like he would. Waiting in anticipation to see what King Friday was up to or Daniel Tiger in the land of make believe. The film was wonderful and I came out loving Fred Rogers more than I already did. From his wife to the people he worked with on set, everyone agreed he was just as nice in person and truly cared about the messages being broadcast on children’s shows. I was also surprised to see the parallels between what is happening now in the world and the events going on back then. Some of the same issues, same problems are still happening. Will we ever learn the philosophy of “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”?

I highly recommend, especially for fans of the show. You won’t be disappointed and when the attendant offers you kleenex, take them.




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