Beauty to Keep in the Fridge

As summer approaches, (Or if your in North Carolina, it’s already here!) I’ve started thinking about how to beat the heat. The highs have already been in the upper 80’s and low 90’s here, so how is a gal (or guy) supposed to stay cool? One way, besides staying in the ac, is to put your beauty products in the fridge. Here are a few of my favorite things to keep frosty!

  1. Aloe Vera Gel–  You probably already know to keep this cold! We all try not to get sunburns, but let’s face it, burns happen. Keeping this in the fridge will feel sooooo good!! I actually found this particular brand at Family Dollar and it got major points for being Cruelty-Free!
  2. Sheet Masks-Perfect after a hot day or if you’ve been outside gardening! I love them all year round! Whether it’s relief from the heat or a biting winter wind, sheet masks have earned a special spot in my beauty routine! Pacifica and Yes!To are good brands to try.
  3. Facial Sprays– This one from Mario Badescu has aloe, rosewater, and herbs. Very hydrating and smells divine, and very versatile!
  4. Facial Moisturizer or Body Moisturizer– This will feel so good at the end of a long day, trust me! I am currently using this one from Pacifica. We had a pretty harsh winter for N.C., so I needed a boost in addition to my regular moisturizer. If you couldn’t tell, I LOVE this brand! It is all the good things!!

Enjoy and stay frosty my friends! 🙂



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