This week I tried hot yoga…

Hot yoga is something I’ve wanted to try forever, I just haven’t taken the time to check it out. There is a local studio close to my job, so this week to celebrate the beginning of summer hours, I decided to treat myself. Some of you are probably thinking, hot yoga is not a way to treat yourself, but for me it was exactly the right thing.

Four things I did not expect:

1. You sweat soooooooooo much, and I can’t emphasize this enough. I mean like dripping, slip on your yoga mat sweaty. Thankfully, I was provided with a face towel, but I might have to invest in a towel specifically for yogi’s.

2. All levels welcome, no intimidation! No one trying to do a crazy pose. Similar to my gym, the instructor asked that you only do what you are able. Don’t do something if it doesn’t feel good. Don’t do something beyond your ability, risking an injury. It’s a good mantra and thankfully, a popular one.

3. The ambiance factor was also more than I expected, compared to what I am familiar with at my gym. Upon entering, the room had a candlelit feel and was warm like a hot bath. Feeling calm and relaxed, my decompression had commenced. Very different from the bright florescent lights of the gym.

4. Bonus points for complete relaxation: At the end of the shavasana, or corpse pose, the instructor placed a cool-lavender scented towel over my forehead/eyes. It felt so nice! I have never been able to completely close my mind until this class. Unlike the gym, there were absolutely no distractions and for once I wasn’t thinking about anything, except for how great I felt.

Obviously, this class was awesome and I’ll definitely be back! Highly, highly recommend.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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